Storm Water Management

WHKS & Co. has designed and implemented storm water management and drainage engineering projects for numerous public and private developments. Our work is based on the premise that storm water management is to reduce the surface runoff quantity and increase water quality through the use of Best Management Practices. Our work for storm water management projects includes survey, studies and reports, conceptual and final designs, permitting applications, and funding assistance. WHKS engineers are experienced with regulatory agency coordination and are familiar with state and federal requirements of drainage and storm water management projects.

WHKS offers professional services in the following areas:

  • Best Management Practice Engineering (Infiltration Trench, Drainage Swales, Rain Gardens)
  • Low Impact Design
  • Pervious Pavements
  • Storm Sewer Systems
  • Storm Water Detention/Retentions Systems
  • Storm Water Lift Stations
  • Storm Water Management Plans
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans


Project Experience