19th Street SE Improvements | Mason City, Iowa

WHKS provided survey, design and construction observation and administration services for the 19th Street SE and South Kentucky Avenue improvements in a growing area of Mason City.

Initially, the 19th Street SE Extension project will serve as an alternate means of ingress/egress for a residential development. The 2,800 foot street extension is a 39’ back-of-curb to back-of-curb PCC pavement with consideration for future widening. The pavement typical section will provide a three-lane section that would accommodate future growth traffic. The project included water and storm utilities, a structure to convey Mason Creek through the project corridor, and a pedestrian sidepath.

The anticipated widening project will update a portion of Kentucky Avenue to a consistent pavement section and provide a 41’ back- of-curb to back-of-curb pavement section and include improvements to the existing drainage system. The widening project will meet the letting requirements of the Iowa Department of Transportation for MPO/STP- funded projects, including required submittals for plan development.