Prairie Creek Recreation Area Dam and Site Improvements | Jackson County, Iowa

WHKS provided engineering services for improvements to the Prairie Creek Recreation Area. The preliminary plan development phase included the preparation of a conceptual plan which included a paved access road, parking lot, shelter house and restrooms, recreational pond, biocell/sediment basin, water main extension, sanitary lift station and force main.

WHKS prepared a grading plan to direct and convey storm water runoff via overland flow. A hydrologic model was developed and a storm water management pond was designed without a berm, keeping the design status as a pond and not as a dam. The project included the design of a biocell/BMP for water quality treatment upstream of recreational pond.

The civil design plans included design of an access roadway profile to allow for vehicle and future RV access, a site plan for the parking area and shelter house, and the evaluation of the pedestrian routes between the amenities. WHKS also evaluated and designed a sanitary sewer grinder pump lift station and associated force main to serve the planned park shelter and restrooms to serve a future development. WHKS completed topographic survey, prepared base mapping, and conducted parcel research for existing right-of-way and easements.