CDBG Disaster Recovery Sanitary Sewer Repairs | Mason City, Iowa

WHKS completed a 5-year comprehensive public and private sector program to inventory sewer condition city-wide. A 12-year Capital Improvement Plan was prepared to eliminate structural and I/I defects. As a result of the projects identified in the plan, WHKS was retained by the City of Mason City to provide an upgrade to the collection system of the existing City wastewater infrastructure.

WHKS provided database development and completed a risk assessment, compilation and prioritization of repairs that were identified during the Phases 1-5 I/I Study. The risk assessment included:

  • Defect severity
  • I/I potential
  • Location and service area

WHKS developed plans and specifications which focused on repairing the highest risk defects identified during the risk assessment and water main relocation, and provided GIS mapping improvements. The project replaced nearly a mile of pipe (4,672 l.f.) and rehabilitated another 7 miles of pipe (37,204 l.f.) by cured-in-place lining. The design also replaced 22 manholes and rehabilitated 118 manholes.

The project included extensive coordination with City staff. WHKS assisted the City with the funding application assistance through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to offset the cost of the project.