East Frontage Road Reconstruction and Roundabout | Byron, Minnesota

WHKS conducted a feasibility study for the City of Byron, Minnesota for the reconstruction of the East Frontage road between County Road 5 and 10th Avenue Northeast. The evaluation also included the reconstruction of 10th Avenue Northeast, from US 14 to an at-grade crossing of the DM&E railroad. The study investigated State Aid funding availability and developed three conceptual plans, which explored roadway alignments, pedestrian accommodation, potential access changes, safety and landscaping alternatives.

The selected concept included a mill and overlay of the West Frontage Road, complete street and utility reconstruction of the East Frontage Road and widening and reconstruction of a portion of 10th Avenue Northeast. WHKS provided conceptual, preliminary and final design, survey, and construction observation and administration services. The design and construction was prepared in accordance with MnDOT Standards and Specifications.

A traffic study was required to document the intersection control operations at the Frontage Road intersection with 10th Avenue Northeast, as well as the future operational needs at the intersection of 10th Avenue Northeast and US 14. The report documented various types of intersection control and evaluated benefits of each. The City selected a single lane roundabout design, which maintained existing local access, increased railroad crossing safety, decreased delay, and provided for future anticipated left turn traffic storage at the 10th Avenue Northeast intersection with US 14. The existing signal system at the 10th Avenue Northeast and US 14 was modified for the reconfigured lanes.