Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements | Hayfield, Minnesota

WHKS provided services related to improvements to the City of Hayfield Wastewater Treatment Facility that were identified during the facility’s evaluation prepared by WHKS. Phase I of this project included upgrading the existing influent piping (approximately 1,500 l.f.) and flow measurement equipment, as well as replacing the existing effluent pumps and modifying the effluent wet well to accommodate the new pumps.

Phase II of this project included constructing a new Pretreatment Building to house a new mechanical screen with compactor and washer, a new grit removal system, and a new Parshall Flume with an electronic flow measurement device.

Phase III of this project included developing an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manual.

WHKS provided planning, design, and construction phase services to the City.