Wastewater Facility Improvements | Plainview-Elgin, Minnesota

The Plainview-Elgin Sanitary District, serving the Cities of Plainview and Elgin, Minnesota and three local industries, initiated construction of Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements in 2006 to provide additional capacity as well as accommodate new discharge requirements from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). WHKS provided engineering services for the facilities plan, preparation of plans and specifications and construction administration and observation for the wastewater treatment facilities upgrade. This project was one of the first Biological Phosphorus Removal (BPR) Facilities being constructed in the State of Minnesota under the revised phosphorus discharge standard of 1mg/L. In addition to the BPR process, the project included the addition of a final clarifier and extended aeration basin, grit removal, raw sewage pump and various process pump replacement, construction of a biosolids storage tank, digester improvements, UV disinfection, electrical system and controls updates.